“Goat rearing brought me and my husband closer” Ms Binta Salou from Burkina Faso

Mrs. Salou Binta, is 54 years old. She lives in Yako village North West of Cameroon capital, Yaounde. She received three  goats in November 2017 from Ecole Pour Micro-projects d’Enterprise  (EMPE) as part of a goat rearing project intervention to strengthen livelihoods of vulnerable women in the community. She was very happy when we went to see what was happening after she got the goats.  We also met her husband who is supporting her in the goats rearing business.

“I received three goats and I have got three more after cross breeding with my neighbour. I am grateful to God and our donors. I am not worried about my children school fees and the family needs anymore.  My expectation is to expand to cattle rearing. Many thanks to Ecole Pour Micro-projects d’Enterprise (EMPE) and its partners for choosing me to be one of the beneficiaries.” Binta said during the interview. Binta was really engaged in her livestock activities and God has been a blessing to her including bringing her husband closer together to help in the business. Previously she was working from a very far town and they were always apart due to work demands. Now, the husband is both a business and a life partner.

“It is a great blessing for my family. May God bless what you people at EMPE are doing”. Her husband concluded.