Burkina Faso: Sheep Project impacting lives positively

Mrs. SANKARA Odile , is 55 years old. She lives in Yako. She received three goats in November 2017, from Ecole Micro-projets d’Enterprise (EMPE) livestock program in November 2017. Since that time, she has committed herself to rear her goats. EMPE central committee team  visited her on the 26thJune 2019. She was very excited to welcome us and share her  story and lessons learnt with great happiness.

This is what she said: “We give thanks to God for our breeding for this project. Some animals were sick, after we noticed that some goats were being very rowdy. We began the some traditional treatment, using herbs,  for the goats before the Veterinary arrived.  The veterinary doctor, Arnaud, came and administered some injections and made the goats calm down”. She remarked.  Since the incident she has lost 3 goats but still has 4 goats left from the herd. ” I give thanks to God because we have a lot of manure for our fields courtesy of the goats. We can have an average of 16 carts of manure, and this has helped increase our yield”. Said Mrs Sankara as she showed us her granary.  ” We hope to have more harvests this rainy season (2019) because of the manure from the goats. My income has greatly increased due to other goat by- products, especially milk”. she was delighted by the impact the goats were making in her life.

“With the experience already acquired, I dare to believe that by next year, it will be wonderful, she concluded”.

During this visit, EMPE team appreciated the effective implementation of the techniques taught during the training. Mrs Sankara Odile and  other members of her household showed gratefulness. The goats are part of their life. they used to go to the fields, while goats walking beside them (they testify).

The team has also noticed Mrs Sankara commitment to improving the sheep fold to ensure their best health for maximum productivity.