Cameroon: Mrs Bamogo; Agri-farming sustains my family

Mrs. BAMOGO Nathalie, is 51 years old. She lives in Gneongneongo, a rural area located in the central plateau region of Cameroon. This locality is about 152kms far away from Ouagadougou. She received some goats in March 2019 from Mission Enterprise Partnership( MEp) Cameroon.  We paid her a visit 7th May 2019, to check how she was dealing with her livestock activities, her feeling and expectations. She opened her heart and shared her dream.

”I have four children. Two children didn’t go to school due to lack of fees. So, one was excluded from school and the other has refused to continue. The two others children are still going to school and I thank God.” said Bamogo as we walk towards the far,

“I am so grateful for being among the first beneficiaries of this project”, she said with a smile. “I will commit myself to take care of goats so, they will multiply. I am praying to God, to bless my livestock business. From the income of this goats breeding, I am expecting to pay school fees for my  two children and support them going to achieve their dreams. My dream is to see my children be great men by being the  president of the country, minister or deputy”, she continued confidently.

“Indeed, this is what I am praying to God for, she concluded”. She said while smiling.