Kenya: Empowering One Woman at a Time – ANA Women’s Group

ANA Women’s Group in Lokichogio, Kenya has been working in the field of women entrepreneurship since 2010. The focus businesses have been a bakery, hotel, shop & café, tailoring, making crisps, soap and jewelleries.

For a long time the main issue has not been the businesses as such but to be trained in business administration,  accounting and to become good leaders and managers, guided by the Word of God. Its critical and vital to work together, in a group so as to solve problems and go forward. ” If we fail, we try again, with new knowledge. Sustainability comes as we learn to manage time, money, relationship and communication”, said Catherine one of the founding members of the group.

At the moment about 16 women are active in three businesses: the bakery, the jewelry workshop and the tailoring. Some women have also started their own businesses mainly small shops where they sell groceries and other things. One woman has started a goat business where she buys and sells goats for profits.


This is Catherine Abulon. She is the manager of the ANA Shanga (jewelry).

She was struggling with the daily life, having two children to feed. Her husband who is a drunkard sometimes would beat her to pulp. After she joined ANA, she learnt how to make nice jewelry. She got an income and new friends who supported her. She gathered courage and until she could finally  tell her husband to leave her a lone. Now she is a strong woman. She is managing the shanga business, she can do the accounts on a computer, write emails and she has her own bank account. She praises the Lord for everything!




This is Francisca, the ANA Bakery Manager.

 It means a lot to me to be part of ANA. Not just that I get an income every month through my work at the ANA Bakery but because this isa a chance to learn, collaborate and communicate.  ANA manning the bakery has enabled her to be creative and grow in leadership as well as grow spiritually too. “I am learning about marketing  and notice how our small business is gradually improving”. That is enjoyable and stimulating” Said Francisca during the interview