Nigeria: Chimela’s Pathway Out Of Poverty – Full Life Empowerment Program (FLEP)

Life for an unemployed father in Nigeria is a tough one, paying rent and feeding the family is not an easy task. Chimela Ule is one, among many youths who were suffering from the perils of unemployment. As a father of 3, having been unemployed for 2 years, Chimela struggled to provide and meet the even the  basic needs for his family.

Though a graduate of Geology, Chimela shares that he had always loved to keep animals right from his childhood; “even though the passion was there, I had to attend seminars, read agricultural contents online and also meet experienced livestock farmers for consultation”. Chimela describes livestock farming as challenging but very fascinating.

2017, Chimela received a grant from Children’s Mission Sweden to help him develop a livestock business that can sustain him and his family. Chimela’s  poultry farm is now the main source of his income.For maximum impact, he relocated the business to his home town in Umorie, a small community in Abia State, so that he can have more space to grow his fish and poultry farm.

The new space he got, was helpful in growing his business; he was able to stock 500 pullets and 500 fish on his farm. It was not very long before he started selling eggs and expanded the farming to include snails, goats and rabbits.

Chimela with some members of the YFC

Today, Chimela earns up to #10,000 ($28) a day and approximately N250,000 ($690) monthly.

More than that,  young men in the village were keenly looking at Chimela observing how he left his family in the city to relocate to the village to do business. One of them confronted him; ‘everyone wants to go to the city to get a job and live a better life, but you are relocating to the village- why?’ It was at this point that Chimela realized the unique opportunity God has provided for him to help the young men in the village.

In 2017, Chimela started Young Farmer’s Club (YFC), a group for youths in his community to come together and learn about farming and the Word of God.  Chimela also mentors more than 50 youths and through his business and provides them with employment opportunities to support themselves and their families. Selected as the Youth Leader,  every youth look up to Chimela as a role model in Umorie community.

Chimela in action

Two years down the line, Chimela’s success has had a ripple effect. His business model has been used  to empower youths in his community. Chimela is helping to empower and transform the lives of about 40 youths in his community through FLEP’s Transformed Livelihood Project.

Chimela is now a proud father who is helping to create pathways out of poverty andfrustration for other youths, not just in his community but in his country.


Meeting my obligations as a father and head of the home became possible with ease, owing school fees is now a thing of the past”and I now live a dignified life.” Chimlela