Zambia: Conservation Farming for household productivity – Zambia Children’s Mission

Zambia Children’s Mission has been empowering people since its inception. Last year (2018) the organization was engaged in supporting beneficiaries with seed and conservation farming skills which is  a cheaper and affordable way of farming for sustainable development.

Here is a family of Ms Veronica Chisenga in Mpongwe District, who benefited from the project. Before the intervention she was homeless, after her husband abandoned her with the children. She lived in absolute poverty, surviving with only one meal a day because she had no farm inputs (seed and fertilizer). When the project team visited Ms Chisenga, with the knowledge of conservation farming, which does not require fertilizer but rather uses manure. She was given a 20kg bag of maize seed after being trained for one week on conservation farming including entrepreneurial skills.  Since then Ms Chisenga  life has changed drastically, as she has been engaged f in farming and just had a bumper harvest with enough maize to sell and feed. She has also managed to buy a piece of land in Tobani Area within Mpongwe District, where she plans to develop it into  a house for her family.  She plans to start a business to supplement her farming income. She can now afford to pay for School fess for her children including meeting the needs of her young family.