Congo Brazzaville: My business lead to my spiritual growth

Ivan Arnaldo Mayaka dream was born after attending an entrepreneurship training organized by Centre de Formation a Initiative Privee (CFIP). Ivan being a participant in that training opened up  both his eyes to he  spiritual and entrepreneurial possibilities that were abound on his surroundings. He scanned his environment and an idea of starting a marketing/events company was born. 

The company was born out of a partnership  between Ivan and his friend. One of the main reason he went through the partnership route was to harness the capacities that he did no have from his friend. He knew that for the success of any business, skills, ideas, funding, knowledge must be collectively angered for growth and development to be realized. The company first client was the church of which they served as youths. They developed some T-shirts for a series of  Crusades for the church.

Designs from Ivan

” So we have the T-Shirts with mention, ‘Smile, Jesus loves you’, which has been our main source of revenue generation through sales, where we sold more that 500 printed T-Shirts.” Ivan said.  The T-shirts have not only been selling quickly, but also it has made Ivan realized the value of working for God and investing in heaven. “I have grown spiritually since the crusades started and I have seen my faith growing in leaps and bounds”, Ivan said during the interview. He has been so much involved in the crusades to the extant that he has been made the youth leader of the Church. “
Up to today, my business is doing will and we are still looking for opportunities of growth and expanding our business to employ more young people like us” Ivan said when we concluded the interview in his workshop