Congo: Juce Taking One Step At A Time In His Entrepreneurship Journey with Centre de Formation à l’Initiative Privée (CFIP)

After Juce and his partner set up a business, they thought it will be a noble thing to get some skills and mentorship entrepreneurship training.  Thanks to sister Sikou Nathalie, they learnt about Centre di Formation a Initiative privee (CFIP) which is a private training center, that is involved in training people in skills such us record and book keeping, accounting including entrepreneurship.

Since childhood, Jute always had a plan of  finishing his studies and go into straight into entrepreneurship in order to create jobs and economic value. Moreover, looking at the current situation of his country, he was more motivated to combine  resources with his friend so as to they could do something great and impactful together 


They enrolled on the program and completed the sessions in three months and ready to start the business of their choice. They wanted to be organized so well,  in order to evaluate the risks and solve them immediately as they occurred. Also fundraising was challenge,  hence getting the necessary skills of getting access to finances was very critical to the success of their business.

Juce and his partner opened an electronics servicing company due to the skills and training he had previously  gotten while being a student at the National Polytechnic. Within a period of two months, sales were rising  and they were even not able to meet the large demands of repair services required. He grabbed that opportunity with two hands and established training school where he would impart some of his skills to other young people, so as he could employ them. When we visited him at his workshop which also doubles up as his training location, he was busy guiding new students on the fundamentals of electrical appliances.

He always thought that he was going to create employment some day but he didn’t think it would this early in life. He was so much grateful to the Lord Almighty  and the Centre de Formation a Initiative Privee (CFIP) team for assisting him through his entrepreneurship journey.