Changing Lives across the African Continent using the Development and Entrepreneurship (DevEnt) Model; An Editorial by Jonathan Hussaini, CEO, Full-Life Empowerment Program (FLEP), Nigeria

According to the United Nations “more than half of global population growth between now and 2050 is expected to occur in Africa.

Our vision is to see an Africa where families live lives in dignity. Living fruitful lives and out of poverty. Our drive then is to ensure we improve their living standards of these people by enabling them to start profitable businesses and by creating jobs. At Children’s Mission and Children’s Mission Africa, Development and Entrepreneurship (DevEnt) is how we have packaged this solution.

CMA through its partners have empowered vulnerable women and youths with beehives, goats and chickens in order to improve their livelihoods consequently income. We know that unleashing entrepreneurial potential is a powerful way of restoring dignity to the vulnerable; just as Prophet Ezekiel prophesied it, can raise dry bone to life (Ezekiel 37:1-14)

Take for instance, Tafawa Balewa community in Bauchi State Nigeria, where widows were given three goats each to help them improve their livelihood . Some of the Widows have multiplied their goats 3-fold and are now able to give 1 goat back to the program so that other widows can be empowered.  This kind of efforts must be encouraged and supported especially amongst youths because there is something big God has placed in each of us and it must be unleashed for the good of us all.

Jonathan Hussaini

CEO- FLEP, Nigeria