GNDR East Africa Training: Capacity strengthening for development; Leaving no one behind

On August 21-23, members from the CSOs in East Africa gathered in Tanzania to deliberate on the the next strategic direction Global Network for Civil Society working on Disaster Risk Reduction  (GNDR) would take. The meeting being held in Dar es Salaam was timely to inform the next agenda of the DRR in east Africa including enhancing the capacity of members on local resource mobilization including enhancing the role of  CSOs in building resilience across development agenda.

The meeting brought together about 20 GNDR members from the East African region. All the participants present had great experience and expertise in the areas of Resilience and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) making the workshop very informative and participatory.

The following were the key take aways from the 3 days meeting:

  • Fundraising is shifting from international to local donors: Knowing your ecosystem well will get you infant of people who are ready and willing to support your course. Working collaboratively with the private sector would be able to improve your efforts to successfully fundraise
  • Communication and branding is an important aspect of fundraising: As much as fundraising is important, communication also is far much important to enhance visbility and brand of not only the project but also the donor
  • Strengthen Innovation coherence and evaluation in the next GNDR agenda: Continuous learning is important for development and improvement as it leads to learning and innovation and adaptation in dynamic ecosystem

The following were the key plug in points of Kenya4Resilience to work closely with GNDR

  • Explore the possibility of GNDR supporting K4R CoP in developing tailor made campaigns and communication tools
  • Support K4R CoP engagement with the Government and UNDRR
  • Working with GNDR to ensure our K4R CoP partners are able to report on the Sendai Framework