Kenneth Kalulu, a thriving wealth creation guru from Uganda

“The wealth creation trainings opened me up to a world of possibilities through business”


Kenneth Kalulu, an entrepreneur from Iganga in Uganda, has successfully transformed his life and family through business. His wealth creation journey dates back to 2016 when he attended his first entrepreneurship training organized by CFE, Uganda. After that session, Kenneth was sold and there was no turning back! “The wealth creation trainings opened me up to a world of possibilities through business,” he proudly shares.

Kalulu’s journey was been no stranger to bumps especially during the early days. His first business venture was poultry farming. He reared birds, sold them and used the money to start a coffee business. The wealth creation classes taught him the value of saving and he applied it when he started earning from his business. He tucked his savings from both business ventures away until he was sure how he would utilize the funds.

After researching about growing tomatoes and being convinced that selling them would make even more money, Kalulu was ready to dig into his savings to finance his third business. This venture went on to become his cash cow.

Kenneth Kalulu dedicated majority of the profit from his first harvest to buying a motorcycle which made transportation of his produce easier. He also invested into learning more about planting, growing and tending tomatoes gardens. This in return yielded a bountiful result! Kalulu doubled his wealth, bought a 2nd motorcycle and plot of land! Profit from selling tomatoes and transporting passengers on his motorcycles contribute 400 USD and USD 200 respectively to his monthly income. Kalulu can now comfortably care for his family and pay the hospital bills for one of his youngest child who was born with a birth defect.