Successful Home Maker and Poultry Farmer

Engang’s Dream

Engang Euphemia’s poultry journey began with a dream. Not the type which woke her up at night but one that motivated her to do  more and become more! Engang longed to contribute to her household’s income. She wanted to able to say yes when her children asked her to buy them clothes. She wanted to quickly rush her kids to hospital when they fell ill without worrying about who would pay the bill. Engang knew that tapping into the power of diversifying her family’s income was the solution. She, however, wondered how to start.

Engang learnt about the livelihood trainings organized by MEP-Cameroon and finally caught a glimpse of her dream becoming a reality. Excited about the prospects of finally finding a source of income, Engang Euphemia, religiously attended the trainings under the Transformed Livelihood Project.  “I was assigned to join the poultry farming trainings and was excited to learn. By the end of the trainings I could not wait to start my own poultry business”, she shares.


Engang’s Poultry Farm’s Beginnings.

The early days of Engang’s farm are a testament to the African proverb- if you want to go far go alone but if you want to go further then go together. With Engang’s skill and her husband’s unconditional support, their poultry farm began operating with 2000 fowls.  She cared for the birds until they were ready to be sold. “I sold about 700 fouls and made sales worth 356 USD within a week!” Right before her eyes, Engang witnessed her dream metamorphose into a successful stream of income for her family. This not only excited her but improved the quality of her family’s life. She adds, “there is more peace and love in the family now that we both contribute to the welfare of the home.”

Great Plans for the Future

Engang’s successes have awakened her to dream bigger! She plans to open up a parlor that supplies roasted chicken to hotels and looks forward to buying land where she will rear fowls and pigs.