International Women’s Day 2021- #ChooseToChallenge



Happy International Women’s Day! As an organization dedicated to enabling families live lives in dignity, March 8 is always an incredibly important day in our calendar.

This year, the theme is #ChoosetoChallenge so we are using this opportunity to share phenomenal women whose stories speak to the power of choice!

The Choice to Start a business

Behind Bonifrida’s beautiful smile is a story of loss and hope. Bonifrida lost her husband, 2 children and home during the 1994 Rwanda genocide. She finally settled in Lemera.

Bonifrida  found a new home, remarried and was blessed with 3 children!

She joined VAS Women’s Group and attended entrepreneurship trainings and opened up a Pastries business.

“The income from my pastries business has helped me buy shoes and clothes for my children. I am able to meet household needs and will continue growing my business,” shares Bonifrida

This project was carried out in partnership with Pingst Molndal, Children’s Mission Africa (CMA) and VAS Women’s Group.

Bonifrida and her daughter

The Choice to start a Poultry Farm 

Engang in her poultry farm

Engang Euphemia’s poultry journey began with a dream to contribute to her household’s income.

Engang learnt about the livelihood trainings organized by MEP-Cameroon. “I was assigned to join the poultry farming trainings and was excited to learn. By the end of the trainings I could not wait to start my own poultry business”, she shares.

Enganag started her poultry farm with skills in poultry training  and her husband’s unconditional support.

“I sold about 700 fouls and made sales worth 356 USD within a week!”

Beyond monetary benefits, “there is more peace and love in the family now that we both contribute to the welfare of the home,” she concludes.