“CMA guided us through the process of developing a strategic plan and policy”, shares Madam Trudy, Founder of ABC Children’s Aid Uganda

Frank Nyeko – Board Chair ABC Uganda, Mercy Murigi – CMA, Trudy Odida – Founder, ABC Uganda(L-R)

CMA visited ABC Uganda for a courtesy call and for a review of the progress made in relation to organizational development processes. During the visit, Mr. Frank Nyeko and Madam Trudy, shared progress made with developing a strategic plan, board manual and the updated HR manual.

“We thank God for Children’s Mission Africa (CMA). They guided us through the process of developing a strategic plan and policy. They also helped us enhance our professional approach to our work, shared Trudy Odida.

“We learnt the value of setting up systems and structures and empowered the team at ABC Uganda to run these systems,” added Frank Nyeko, ABC Uganda Chairman.

Frank Nenkyo & Primary Head Teacher behind the Primary Administration Block

ABC Uganda was a-part of the Children’s Mission STRONG intervention (funded by SMC). STRONG is a capacity development and organizational intervention that supports the growth of sustainable, transparent, resilient, organized, note-worthy and globally-oriented organizations.

The STRONG process with ABC started in June 2019 with an organizational assessment and improvement plan. Priorities were identified and an action plan developed.

From 2019, with the support of CMA, the team started developing their strategic plan and board manual.

The ABC Team plans to grow their work within the new strategic pillars of community development, health and radio broadcasting together with their work in education.


Comprehensive College Kitetikka Student  Hall