Meet Saawe a thriving entrepreneur from Uganda

Saawe poses infornt of Saawe Secondary School

“I started by first business with 1.65 USD and today I am a millionaire (in ugx). Saawe has also become a brand name”, shares Saawe a business mogul & founder of Saawe Victory Primary & Secondary, Iganga Uganda


Centre for Evangelism, CM’s partner in Uganda, has been implementing an entrepreneurship training program in rural Uganda targeting youth and heads of households from low-income families. Saawe, one of the participants of the programs is a testament of the value of entrepreneurship trainings.


He was encouraged to start a business after attending entrepreneurship trainings in 2017 organized by CFE. He learnt about the value of saving, using loans to grow businesses & using the resources available as start-up capital. Saawe also had the skills & training in teaching. He had never considered starting a business around his profession as a teacher.

Saawe’s first business was a school.

“I started Saawe Victory School at a rented location with only 3 students- my brother, sister in- law & brother-in-law,” Saawe shares.“My start-up capital was $1.64 and my mentor, Pastor Moses Samanya, encouraged me to sart with what I had, “he adds. Saawe attributes his success to training & mentorship. “The trainings helped me access loans that have helped me grow my businesses.

Today Saawe Victory School has over 600 students including International students from Kenya, Congo, among other countries. My brother is at Jinja University pursuing a diploma in Education.

Saawe & his wife sharing their Fish Farming journey in front of their fish pond

Saawe’s Fish Pond

Saawe has diversified is businesses to include a fishing business for commercial reasons & because of the nutritional benefits as well.

He has a livestock farm with over 100 goats and owns over 6 land titles.

Saawe and his beautiful wife Janet, have 8 healthy and happy children. Saawe’s children enjoy access to education, healthy meals and an economically stable home.


Saawe’s Brother supporting him at Saawe’s Brick-Making Site during his University Holiday break

Saawe’s children may never know what it means to live an undignified life because they have a stable home Saawe has become an icon and beacon of hope for many in Bulanga, Iganga and beyond the borders of Uganda.