Tools that Enhance & Engage Community Participatory Learning: Case Study of Centre for Evangelism(CFE) Uganda.


“These tools help us know how well the community understands its surrounding and therefore how well we can engage the community to prevent similar concerns in the future”, shares Pastor Moses Samanya, Crentre for Evangelism Uganda

The picture above shows a “Time Trend.” CFE uses such tools to ensure community involvement during community visits and discussion forums.

Participatory Learning encourages the use of tools that break down complex ideas into a simpler concepts for effective learning.

During community visits, CFE engages the community in looking for materials around them, for example leaves on trees to represent a forest, stones to represent land , among others.

A time trend is a graph that show how things have changed over time. It can be used can be used for many variables
such as crop yields, areas under cultivation, livestock population, prices, and rainfall( INTRAC Society)

Advantages of the Time Trend:
1. Used to project the future. Can be used to explain the need to adopt eco-friendly methods of farming
2. Simple, fun & Informative way to learn about Climate Change

The time frame above shows the effects of climate change over time in  a community.
• Sacks- represents food production. Food has reduced over time
• Water Waves-. Rainfall patterns have reduced/ become irregular over time
• Livestock- this too has decreased overtime
• Trees- represent forests. Forests and trees have also reduced over time
• Farmland-reduced over time

For more Information about tools that Enhance Community Learning- Visit Intrac Society and Repiica