MEP-CAM Launches Transformed Livelihood Project in Bomaka, Beau Cameroon in April 2021

Missional Entreprise Partnership Cameroon (MEPCAM) launched the “Transformed Livelihood Project” in Bomaka, Beau community to restore dignity to the lives of the families in this community.  Over the course of the year, MEP-CAM through the Transformed Livelihood Project, will train youth, women and heads of households on the ways to improve their livelihoods.  


Most families move to Bomaka for safety and in search for a source of livelihood. The community hosts Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) as a result of on-going Anglophone crisis in Cameroon.  


In April 2021, MEPCAM organized an awareness campaign. “During this time, the facilitators, inspired by 2Kings 4:1-7, challenged participants to start small businesses to increase their livelihood. The program was attended by over 50 persons, who left the event encouraged to identify and exploit their God-given talents and earn a living”, shared Fonsi Raphael from MEP-CAM.   

This was followed by a planning meeting, where needs were established and expectations set. “We identified needs (literacy level, language barrier, etc) that could become barriers in the implementation phase, agreed on the responsibilities and adjusted the training materials plus  style context. By the end of these discussions, the participants were taking ownership of the project”, added Fonsi Raphael.  


Impact Story 

The story below is from a former livelihood participant. 


Impact Story

The story below is from a former livelihood participant.


Meet Eni Cynthia Tachur. 

Eni Cynthia is a former MEPCAM livelihood participant.  

Eni and her family were forced to live their home because of the Anglophone crisis. Living in a new community coupled with the strains of the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic made life hard for Eni and her family. “It was challenging meeting basic household needs like food, clothing and school fees for my children. I was identified, trained and empowered by MEPCAM. It’s still a big surprise how I miraculously received such huge support from MEPCAM,” Eni shared.  

Eni explored starting a pastries business to improve her family’s livelihood. “I had a pastries business before attending the trainings organized by MEPCAM. During the training, I learnt about God Providence and was encouraged to trust God for the best in my life and business I also received CFA 100,000 (SEK 1500) interest free loan and it is still a big surprise how I miraculously received such a huge support from MEPCAM. It helped me increase capital and purchase a machine for large scale production.”  

Today, Cynthia supplies pastries to shops, offices and markets in Limbe Town in South West Cameroon. She sells pastries worth over CFA 50,000 (SEK 750) weekly. This income contributes towards her children’s school fees and household needs.  

The internally displaced lady, who has rented a shade at the mile 4 market in Limbe where she fries and sells pastries, makes weekly profit of over CFA 15000.  Eni Cynthia plans is to supply pastries to different business persons and events in all 10 regions of Cameroon within the next five years.