Gift School Mombasa Students Receive the Greatest Gift of All Time! 

In August 2021, Grade 5 to 8 students at Gift School Mombasa, each received the greatest gift of all- the gift of the Word of God!  

“The core of our work at Children’s Mission is to point individuals, families, communities and organizations to Christ! We are committed to promote spiritual development within the communities we work in, “shared Wanjau Nduba the Children’s Mission Africa (CMA) Board Member.  


In line with our goal to promote spiritual growth, Children Mission (CM) with support from Children’s Mission Africa (CMA) and our partners working in the Education space, will gift children with bibles.  


Our annual aim is to give the Children in grade 5 at Lokichoggio Emuriakin Development Organization (LEDO) and Gift School Mombasa a Bible each. This time grade 5 students at Gift School Mombasa received bibles. We hope to share this same gift with students at LEDO. Thanks to our Norwegian donors for enabling us to send the lifechanging word of God to the children in Lokichoggio and Mombasa,” shared Maria Utbult from Children’s Mission Sweden.  

 The word of God is lamp and a light and pray that God guides the children with His word always!