“Livestock helped me pay my children school fees after losing my dear husband.”  

Livestock Impact Stories from Iganga, Bulanga Uganda (March 2021) 

Centre for Evangelism is one of Children’s Mission (CM)  partners in Uganda. CFE  implements a livestock intervention program in rural Uganda. The intervention targets youth and women from low-income families. Families receive livestock to improve their livelihood. 



MEET Jennifer Nabirye: “Livestock helped me pay my children’ school fees after losing my dear husband.”  



“I received the goats after I lost my husband. Life was hard during this season. I could not afford to pay school fees. Today, we are doing better. My 3rd born, Vidha, is studying a diploma in business administration at the National University in Uganda- Makerere University Business School. 

Jennifer and daughter, Vidha standing behind the piggery 


Jennifer received 2 goats from CFE and these multiplied to 10 goats. She sold the goats to pay school fees for her 4 children and used the balance to buy 2 piglets. Nabirye has grown from owning 2 piglets to over 17 pigs and piglets.  

In February 2021, I sold piglets and made sales worth 218 USD. My neighbours have  been inspired and havestarted their own piggeries.”  

Jennifer plans to grow her farm to accommodate 30 pigs. Her daughter, Vidha is inspired by her mother and is interested in starting her own livestock farm.  

Jennifer built the pig sty herself after being disappointed by mason she hired to help her. She recycles materials like old beds, windows and door frames 

Jennifer hopes to expand the farm to 30 pigs on the piece of land above  

Jennifer has inspired her neighbor to start a similar project to increase the family’s income