Our August 2021 in Pictures

 August 2nd to 7th  -MEP-CAM Field Visit in Cameroon

Kevin Kadiri (Africa Mission Leader), Chelimo Njoroge (Technical Advisor;Programme Design & Quality) & Solomon Kiplimo (K4RC Financial Monitoring Officer) from Children’s Mission Africa (CMA) visited MEP-CAM in Cameroon.   

Kevin Kadiri during a Fundraising Event on 7th Aug 2021 


Group Photo with the MEP-CAM Team  


August 9th – Gift School Mombasa 

Grade 5 to 8 students at Gift School Mombasa, each received the greatest gift of all- the gift of the Word of God!  In line with our goal to promote spiritual growth, Children Mission (CM) with support from Children’s Mission Africa (CMA) and our partners working in the Education space, will gift children with bibles.  The word of God is lamp and a light and pray that God guides the children with His word always! 


Children at Gift School Mombasa after receiving their bibles.



August 9th – EMPE Field Visit in Burkina Faso   

Chelimo Njoroge (Technical Advisor;Programme Design & Quality), Mercy Murigi  and Solomon Kiplimo (K4RC Financial Monitoring Officer) from CMA visited EMPE in Burkina Faso. “We had a great time with and especially enjoyed meeting the many families greatly impacted in the communities they serve,” shared Chelimo Njoroge. 


August 16th – EPTF workshop in Mombasa. 

Kevin Kadiri (Africa Mission Leader) , Mercy Murigi and Julia Mwiti from CMA run a training with the Navigators EPTF team in Mombasa. 

“We had a wonderful time of learning and field visits with the EPTF team. One of my personal highlights was seeing EPTF has linked environmental conservation and livelihoods creation.  We planted mangroves trees in an area where some tree planting groups keep beehives, maintain tree nurseries and sell seedlings interested individuals/groups. EPTF will soon start training this group on entrepreneurship and life skills, “ shared Mercy Murigi.