“I now have 10 acres of sugarcane sambas, a residential home and save weekly in my village bank!” 

Livestock Impact Stories from Iganga,Bulanga Uganda (March 2021) 

Centre for Evangelism, CM’s partner in Uganda, has been implementing a livestock intervention program in rural Uganda targeting youth and women from low-income families with support from Children’s Mission from 2016. Families received goats or chicken. Participants were also encouraged to save and start income generating activities. Below are some impact stories from participants.   


Meet Mwere Betty: “I now have 10 acres of sugarcane sambas, a residential home and save weekly in my village bank! 


Betty behind her pig pen-one of the income generating activities she runs 

I attended Enterprise Training conducted by CFE and learnt about the benefits of saving. And value of starting income-generating activities. At first, I thought I could not do anything but decided to try. 

I started by making and selling bricks. I also became interested in growing sugarcane and have been able to grow my sugarcane shambas to 10 acres. These income-generating activities have helped me build my residential house and afford to pay my children’s school fees in good quality boarding schools and universities. Beyond business, I am now able to comfortably express myself in English and this makes me very happy!”  I also have some pigs. !  

Betty’s behind her livestock (chicken)  Project 

My work has also inspired her son to start making and selling bricks to generate income.  

Betty’s son Brick Project inspired by Betty Mwere


In the future, I want to buy a plot of land to build rental units in Iganga town. I am also a caterer and want to open up a beautiful restaurant in Bulanga where the county workers can come and eat good meals courtesy of Betty’s Restaurant!  

Mercy Murigi (CMA) , Betty Mwere & Chelimo Njoroge ( CMA) pose behind Betty’s residential home