“Livestock help me afford health-care when my husband became ill!” 

Livestock Impact Stories from Iganga, Bulanga Uganda (March 2021) 

Centre for Evangelism is one of Children’s Mission (CM)  partners in Uganda. CFE  implements a livestock intervention program in rural Uganda. The intervention targets youth and women from low-income families. Families receive livestock to improve their livelihood. 


Kasero Mariam is one of the participants who received goats from CFE. Today, Kasero has diversified to own chicken, goats and cows. 



Livestock enabled Kasero finish roofing her house and afford healthcare when her husband become ill. “In 2020, my husband fell ill and was hospitalised for 2 months. I sold 4 goats for over 50 USD each. I used the money to pay my husband’s  hospital bills. I also sold some eggs from my chicken and received some extra money that helped cover the costs. I would not have been able to do this if I didn’t have livestock.  

Many women in my community  tell me they want to be like me but do not want to put in the hard-work it takes. I encourage fellow women to work hard and  enjoy the benefits.” shared Miriam Kasero.

Thank you CFE and partners  Joseph and CFE who have taught me how to care for the animals.