Meet Kevin Kadiri: Africa Mission Leader!

Outside being the Africa Mission Leader, who is Kevin Kadiri?

Kadiri is a disciple of Christ, a man of but one wife and father to 2 daughters. I love history, teaching and motivational talks.

You were part of the team at the start and are back! What changes have do you see?

When I was apart of the team, we were about 3 and now the team has grown to 7.  CMA staff team has grown in size.

Our weekly Thursday fellowships have also evolved. Bo encourages us to look at our impact by asking, how many lives we been changed or pointed to Christ. The ability to point people to Christ requires a strong relationship with Christ. Our weekly fellowship is an avenue to share the word and grow spiritually as an organization, individuals and team.

When Kevin Kadiri was CMA’s AML,

  • CMA became the lighthouse for organizations and communities in matters development and resilience building.
  • CMA began giving out funds and increased resources that go to communities.
  • CMA demonstrated that local resource mobilization is achievable and sustainable.

Favorite Scripture: Isaiah 45:13

Purpose Statement: Helping people to see and act.

Favorite Historical Event(S) or Individual:

  1. Story of Liberia – Liberia was not coloized and even had a group of elites resettle there in the early 1800s. With this type of background, one would expect Liberia to be a leading country on the continent. Unfortunately this is not the case- not only for Liberia but so many African countries.
  2. God’s Generals, the Reformers- recounts the story of generals who were willing, ready to die and driven by conviction. Their dedication to preaching the gospel inspires me.
  3. Martin Luther King Jr- is my passive mentor. His writings and work inspire me.

We as the CMA team are excited to have Kevin Kadiri join the team and we look forward to collaborating together to  contribute towards families in living lives in dignity.

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