“When I learnt, I didn’t need to have big money to start my business, I started my cosmetics business immediately!”

FLEP Trainings Turning Entrepreneurial Dreams into Reality: Maimuna Ibrahim’s Story

Maimuna Ibrahim is an unemployed 24-year-old graduate of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. She leaves with her parents in Bauchi town along with four other siblings. Just like many young people around her area, Maimuna had always wanted to start a business but didn’t know how.

“When I learnt, I didn’t need to have big money to start my business, I started my cosmetics business immediately! I have been able to make over N100,000 ($200) & buy a fabricated Hot Oil mixer over the last 6 months with support from FLEP, Nigeria.”

Her interest is in cosmetology, and she has had the idea since 2017. Her search for help led her to a training centre
that provided practical training for her to learn how to make

all sought of cosmetology products in 2020. She could make hair creams, petroleum jelly creams and liquid dish
washing soups. Despite the training, Maimuna could still

not start her business because she was waiting for a big cash from her parents to lunch the business. And this thinking is common with many youths in Nigeria, that ‘you need big money to start any business’.

Then came the announcement in youth fellowship about an upcoming Entrepreneurial training for new and existing business owners by FLEP. Maimuna was excited because she belongs to the group of those who have an idea but have not started business yet.

During Module one training of the Triple P [People, Profit & Planet] Entrepreneurship (TPE) Project, Maimuna learnt the most from the sessions on motivation and lean start-up concepts. She was motivated enough to lunch her business immediately and she decided to start selling her hair cream product which until then was given out for free to family and friends.

She chose her hair cream product as an Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and decided to Maimuna Ibrahim advertise the product in church, WhatsApp groups and Facebook. Since December 2021 (within a period of 6 months), Maimuna has sold over 20 dozen of her product in Bauchi town alone and in the process generated over a N100,000 ($200) in revenue.


During the module two training of the TPE project, Maimuna told the class that she is now in business and wanted to learn more on how to keep her financial records to enable her to grow the business. Her next stop is to start the production of her petroleum jelly cream. Her long-term dream is to build a cosmetology brand that is producing healthy beauty products for everyone in the family.

In July 2022, FLEP facilitated the purchase of a ‘Fabricated Hot Oil Mixer’ for Maimuna as a Business Starter Pack1 to help her grow and establish her business. Her story captures the essence of our training amongst young people in Nigeria who face the severe effects of unemployment. The goal of the training is to empower young people with knowledge and resources on how to start businesses as a means of fighting unemployment. We have given 38 young people Business Starter Packs just like Maimuna with the generous support of our Partners Children’s Mission Sweden, who join their faith with ours in believing that these young lads will provide employment for themselves and others and escape the evil grip of poverty.

Story by our Partner in Nigeria-Full Life Empowerment Programme (FLEP)