Judith Simo

Judith met MEPCAM when she heard that there was an entreprenuership training in 2017. At that time, Judith was running a shop that was barely stocked and was not doing well. In her own words they were”just surviving”. She was only making enough to meet some of her family’s basic needs. Upon enrolling to the traning, she learned how to do business profitably allowing her to employ staff in her shop. She shared that the capacity building has helped to change her approach to business, to one that she seeks continual improvement and growth. Among the skills that she also learned during the time include businesses management, feasibility of the business, customer relationships, and most importantly, relationship with God.

Judith recounts a time when she had not seen a particular client for sometime so she went to look for him in his neighbourhood. She found the man and told him that she wanted to find out about his well-being. The man was overcome with emotion, sharing that even his own family members hadn’t gone to look for him in the time he was sick.

Through application of the knowledge she acquired during the training, Judith’s shop has grown tremendously. It is now well stocked with a variety of items and Judith has hired staff to help her with the work. The shop has further brought forth another shop that is now managed by Judith’s husband. From the proceeds of the shops, the duo have been able to hire four employees, purchase three pieces of land and even buy a vehicle for the family. They are also using the proceeds of the shops to give charity to other members of the community.