When Gift Schools met Monica Akinyi, 29, she was at her wit’s end. Her husband, who was abusive, had left her when she was 4 months pregnant with her now one-year-old son. Monica works menial jobs washing clothes to earn a living for herself and her family. Life with two children became increasingly hard for Monica. She was contemplating suicide to put an end to the pain she was enduring. Her plan was to give up her children to people who could take care of them so that she might end her life in peace.

Monica says that after having these thoughts she had a dream that night with an instruction to take her 4-year-old, Mwanahawa, to a school located at the railway flats field, she would get help there. The following day, she decided to go to the field and asked those around the area if they knew of a school there. Sure enough, she was led to Gift School.

Gift Schools have now accepted Mwanahawa as a student. She has been provided with uniform and stationery. Her mother is happy that she is not only getting an education but also, has a sure meal at lunchtime in school every day.

Monica has also been added to a group of special needs families taken care of by Gift School. The group is provided with foodstuffs for their evening meals even when the school is not in session.