Tulinde Mikoko Self Help Group

Environmental protection and restoration are a key focus area for the Enterprise Development Initiative project run by The Navigators -EPTF Kenya Trust, CMA partner. They train groups and individuals to run businesses that do no harm to the environment. One such group is the Tulinde Mikoko Self Help Group. The Navigators -EPTF Kenya Trust has been training this group since 2021.

Tulinde Mikoko, Swahili for “let us protect mangroves”, aims to protect and restore mangrove in the coastal line along the Tudor Creek as well as create awareness in the community on protecting the environment with a special focus on mangrove. Over the last two years, the group has made great strides in fulfilling their purpose. The group formed government structures and officially registered as a legal entity.

EPTF has trained members of Tulinde Mikoko SHG on life skills, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, table banking, governance structures, management of their social enterprise and advocacy.

The group is actively involved in community advocacy on the restoration of mangrove forests in the Mombasa coastline. So far, the group has planted over 100,000 seedlings on the Tudor Creek and is in partnership with other stakeholders to restore the plantations along the coastline.

Tulinde Mikoko SHG sensitizes the community on the significance of mangrove forests in coastal ecosystems, their restoration and conservation. Most recently, the group organised a community engagement forum bringing together stakeholders in Bangladesh, Jomvu Sub-county. During the forum, 1000 seedlings were planted in line with the government’s National Tree Growing and Restoration campaign.