overviewChildren’s Mission Africa is on a mission to make life better for every child in Africa. Children’s Mission Africa together with our partners,we are striving to make life better in several African countries by providing support, monitoring and evaluation services for organizations funded by Skandinaviska Barnmissione(Children’s Mission Sweden), and those whose goal is to improve the welfare of vulnerable African children. Children’s Mission Africa together with our partners, cover more than ten countries in the African continent with various sustainable development projects.
Globally, every year, the lives of millions of children and their families are disrupted, or nearly destroyed by emergencies. Conflict, human-made disasters and wide-ranging, climate-change events challenge the lives of many who are already vulnerable. It is in this regard that Childrens Mission Africa is on a mission to transform communities in Africa to live Holistic Lives.   Together with our partners, Children’s Mission Africa strives to ensure families live lives in dignity by providing technical support to organizations funded by Childrens’s Mission in Sweden (Skandinaviska Barnmissionen). These organizations work to implement initiatives targeted towards improving lives of children, young people, women and families holistically. This is achieved through giving priority to initiatives in line with education and economic empowerment. The current 18 programs are across 11 countries with a focus on partner capacity development. We share the stories on the impact achieved on our social media outlets.
The sound of a child’s laughter and the joyful melodies they make encourage us towards achieving our vision. Is there a sound more pleasing to the ear than the innocent laughter of a happy child? Is there any other sound on earth that communicates hope, joy and the promise of a bright future with greater clarity? The opportunity to participate in creating the laughter of safe, secure, and confident children is what inspires all our activities at Children’s Missions Africa (CMA). Lets all join hands in creating a continent where families live in dignity. Donate today and make a child’s future bright!