As the sun sets, darkness fills every corner of an earthen hut. A haze of smoke rises, filling the room with a strong pungent smell. Inside that hut is a little girl, working hard to finish her homework, and looking forward to go back to school tomorrow. School is her only hope, the hope of a better future. She needs a sponsor to keep her in school. Without a sponsor, this little girl will never break free from poverty. She too will raise her children in a smoky hut, unless you help. Become a sponsor today, and change a little girls life!

How to Donate




She is in class six in Imbaruetin Community Complex School in Namelok. Veronica almost dropped out of school due to poverty. She loves mathematics and enjoys leadership. In fact, she is the head girl in her school. With your donation, we can support young girls like veronica in their quest to get an education.

She was frustrated due to poverty and was contemplating suicide. She attended an entrepreneurship training in Burkina Faso through Children’s Mission Africa. Through this training she saw her potential and acquired a sense of purpose. She now runs her farm and is working towards owning her own piece of land.

Jane, a mother, chose to sponsor simon’s Education. Simon is one of the 550 vulnerable children at Hannah Emuriakin School who need sponsors to help keep them in school. In Jane’s words, “I feel it’s not only a privilege but also a duty as a Christian to help where I can. I’m happy to be a Loki-Sponsor”

Elvis is currently in college. When this photo was taken, he still a sponsorship beneficiary through our partners, Mathare Children’s Education (MCE). The sponsorship opportunity made it possible for him to complete his secondary education. During holidays he enjoys to help children at MCE. Help us facilitate more dreams come true, just like Elvis’.

These hopeful girls are pupils at Hannah Emuriakin School in Lokichoggio. They were collection food rations availed through the Lokichogio Emuriakin Development Organizations (LEDO) food program. The rations make it possible for them to attend school. We need sponsors to keep the program going.

Gerald, an Ivory Coast national participated in an Entrepreneurship skills training course organized by FMP. He learnt how to improve his cake baking business, and has since expanded it, creating employment for his two brothers. He is hopeful and confident that he can begin his family as a result of the improved sales from their baking business

Mildred benefited from entrepreneurship training through the Economic Projects Transformational Facility (EPTF) . The training had 481 beneficiaries. After the training, the skills gathered made it possible to increase her sales from KES 6000 to KES 15000 by increasing the variety of vegetables she sold.


Transforming Communities to Live Holistic Lives through Education and Entrepreneurship

Children’s Mission Africa is looking for partners who have an interest in uplifting the livelihoods of the poorest people in the African continent. Through our programs, we hope to support many young children who are at the risk of dropping out of school due to poverty. We believe that every child in the African continent deserves the chance to pursue their dreams, rather than live with the consequences of poverty, which is not of their making.

In the same way, the youth who have no means of livelihood are at high risk of falling to poverty, and hence giving them entrepreneurship skills gives them the opportunity to become productive in their societies

If you want to make a difference in the life of a child, if you believe in the power of entrepreneurship to transform the livelihood of the youth, then join us in this quest to transform the lives of children and youth in Africa.