annual-report Children’s Mission Africa is proud to be associated with the successes made possible in various parts of Africa through our work with our partners. Many of our partners have long worked with Children’s Mission (Sweden), and in these partnerships, we have seen the following successes along the way.
  1. 8.000 community members trained in entrepreneurship skills
  2. Over 1.300 businesses started and running which have created over 5.000 jobs
  3. Over 3,000 got a job after engagement with our partners
  4. 35,000 households with improved livelihood
  5. Over 5,000 students, 250 parents and 390 teachers have received life skills education
  6. Leaning journey held in West Africa among the Francophone Countries on Enterprise development and between Kenya and Sweden on leadership and governance
Some of the great achievements per country include;
  • Entrepreneurship Development  – The partnership between Children’s Mission, I Choose Life (ICL), and the Navigators, has seen the continuing implementation of entrepreneurship programs under the concept Name Devent. More than 2000 entrepreneurs have been trained through various programs offered by the Navigators with active projects still ongoing.
  • HIV Prevention and Awareness – Children’s Mission has collaborated with ICL in HIV awareness and prevention programs. The partnership between Children’s Mission and ICL currently has active projects in 70 schools, reaching over 9000 high school students. The projects have contributed to our community empowerment objectives.
  • Entrepreneurship – Children’s Mission Africa has active projects in Uganda in partnership with the Center for Evangelism in Uganda under the name Deventin Cooperation. The project has been active for several years now. Its main objective is the training of entrepreneurs to empower youths and vulnerable children to take advantage of economic opportunities in their localities. Every year since its inception, the program reaches more than 400 entrepreneurs. We hope that the program will grow to attract funding for community projects with an entrepreneurial twist.
  • Entrepreneurship – Under the name Devent, Children’s Mission has been training around 250 entrepreneurs annually since the onset of its Ivory Coast programs. The program gives young people the skills they need to open, strengthen, or expand their entrepreneurial initiatives in order to empower them to meet their needs and those of their communities.
Our main partner in Zambia is the Apostolic Church of Pentecost (ACOP). ACOP runs several community development programs aimed at improving the livelihoods of vulnerable people in Zambia. Some of the main programs initiated in Zambia in partnership with ACOP include
  • Goat Farming – Goat farming has been an effective intervention in Zambia, where families are given goats to breed and to milk. They make money selling milk and young goats. This empowers them to meet their basic needs as well as to meet the targets of education in Africa
  • Agriculture – Agriculture is the main economic activity in Zambia. Therefore, empowerment in this sector makes it possible for vulnerable families to provide for their own needs. ACOP and Children’s mission provide maize seed for planting as a way of supporting families involved in Agriculture.
  • Infrastructure Development – Children’s Mission, together with ACOP has been involved in the development of church buildings, which also double up as community centers and meeting halls as part of our community development approach. We provide the materials and a contractor, while the community provides the labor.
  • Sports – We also run football programs as a means of creating community awareness on various issues. Our sports programs have been successful for mobilizing youths to participate in other community empowerment programs.
  • Entrepreneurship  -Children’s Mission has supported the Navigators in its work as it provides entrepreneurial training for young entrepreneurs in Burkina Faso. The program trains about 40 entrepreneurs annually and has so far trained more than 250 persons.