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From dependance to self reliant, the story of Elizabeth Kirabo

January 24, 2019

KIRABO ELIZABETH¬†aged 22 is a beneficiary of the livestock program, who had her life changed from depending on her parents for her necessities. Lisa, as she is called by her peers, ¬†applied and registered for the program and during the sensitization and trainings facilitated by the Centre for Evangelism program implementing team, she discovered her […]

Economic empowerment transforms family in Uganda

January 24, 2019

Through Centre For Evangelism livestock program in Namusisi Centre, Emmanuel learnt skills of rearing and looking after pigs properly. Today Emmanuel can earn a living for himself and his family too, Emmanuel who started with 2 piglets that were given to him by Centre For Evangelism with sponsorship from Childrens Mission through the livestock program […]