eeA majority of the worlds poorest countries today are in Africa and though in recent years absolute poverty in Africa has shown some slight falls, African income levels have actually been dropping relative to the rest of the world. Some of the poorest countries in Africa really need substantial prolonged aid to fund direct universal welfare benefit systems to help them climb out of poverty.
Extreme poverty being widespread helps cause other bad things like many children being sold as slaves or used in armies and getting no education. African poverty often means widespread hunger and starvation. And it is a general fact of poverty that if you are too poor then you may have no resources to improve that. But progress on poverty in Africa can be achieved with a bit more real effort, and is being achieved now to at least some extent.
CMA seeks to play its part though interventions that;
  • Improve livelihoods for families
  • Enhance entrepreneurship skills
  • Create favourable business environments
We commit to design and develop appropriate programs that results in improved livelihood; to have well-resourced business communities that running profitable businesses; and to build transparent, accountable and corruption free business communities