education_pLets go back to a time when you were young-a child. A time when your mind was truly free. Remember for a moment the person you believed you would become someday into the future. It may have been a great dad or mom, a teacher, a doctor perhaps, or a superhero. Whatever you dream was, you must still feel its power, its pull on you. 759 million African adults unfortunately missed the chance to realize their dreams and are now part of an illiterate disenfranchised group. In Africa today, millions of Children have dreams, just as powerful as the one you had for yourself. They see themselves as leaders, as professionals, and as warriors. They see themselves changing the course of history for the sake of their families, communities, and nations.
However, these children (32 million of them), lack one thing- A good shot at their dreams. They are not in school today, and if we do nothing, that powerful pull from their dreams will go to waste.
The good news is that we have the power to see the dreams of African children come to light. Together with our stakeholders, we have the power to make parents proud as they see their children graduate. We have the power to make a real difference in families, communities, and nations by supporting the education of the vulnerable children in Africa.
CMA works with various partners to improve the chances of vulnerable children attending school as a step towards realising their dreams. We support and are engaged in projects that;
  • Support students to attend and stay in schools
  • Improve school infrastructure
  • Provide life skills training
  • Support alternative skills development
We are keen to create partnerships with like-minded institutions and individuals that run similar or complementary projects, and would love to be involved in activities that make it possible for African children and youth to access education.