CMA through its partners seeks to economically empower families from different communities through identifying, training, resourcing and mentoring the target groups with capacities that enable them to create and/or generate a sustainable livelihood in the long run. The livelihood activities such as chicken and goat farming seek to increase the income-generating capacity of the families resulting in improved livelihood.

CMA partner organisations do this through:

  • Providing basic livestock training to beneficiaries
  • Conducting follow up meetings and coaching of the participants
  • Linking participants to veterinary doctors and experienced livestock personnel

The objectives of these projects are:

  • Promoting increased income-generating capacity at the household level.
  • Promoting entrepreneurship in the communities through distribution of livestock such as chicken and goats.
  • Eradicating poverty in the communities as a long-term result of the interventions.

Some achievements of the livelihood program thus far are:

  1. Improved livelihoods from increased investment in agriculture, conservation farming and diversification into other businesses increasing the resilience of the participants.
  2. Creation of savings groups to cushion participants during emergencies.
  3. Increased awareness of already existing business opportunities within the communities.
  4. Emergence of economically sustained livelihoods in families previously below the poverty line.
  5. Adoption of improved farming practices as a result of the trainings conducted in communities.