1. Children’s Mission (www.barnmissionen.se)

barnmissioen Children’s Mission is a Swedish Christian Organization that runs programs all aimed at alleviating the suffering of vulnerable children. The organization supports a number of programs in various countries in partnership with local players who directly intervene in the lives of vulnerable children. The organization currently has operations in three continents, supporting a wide range of programs. The thematic areas that Children’s Mission handles include Education, Development, Health, Relief, and Advocacy.

Children’s Mission as an organization is driven by charity as espoused in Christian values and seeks to remain true to the Christian mandate to care for those in need and to protect the vulnerable.

2. ABC Children’s AID International (www.abcchildrensaid.org)
childrenaidABC Children’s AID International is an interdenominational organization that was established in 2007 in response to the challenge of enlarging the donor base committed to ensuring that tens of thousands of vulnerable children receive support. Prior to this, the organization had been operating in Iceland and ABC Children’s AID since 1988. Its main objective is to provide immediate relief to under privileged children and at the same time to provide them with a strong foundation for their future.
The main interventions ABC Children’s AID International uses to reach underprivileged children include education, nourishment, healthcare, and shelter.
So far the organization has been involved in the establishment and operation of five schools in Kenya (Mathare and Namelok), Uganda and Burkina Faso.

 3. Hellene  Hjarpe Foundation