Children’s Mission Africa works with various organizations in eleven countries in Africa. Our scope of operations will increase in the near future as more projects reach the implementation phase in various countries. The list below indicates the places where we work and the specific organizations we work with.

africamap1.         Kenya
  • I Choose Life – Africa (ICL)
  • Economic Project Transformational Facility (EPTF)
  • Lokichoggio Emuriakin Development Organization (LEDO)
  • ANA’s Womens Group
  • Navigators Africa
  • Gift School Mombasa
2.         Uganda
  • Centre for Evangelism (CFE),
3.         Tanzania
  • Navigators Micro Enterprise Project in Tanzania
4.         Ethiopia
5.         Zambia
  • Apostolic Church of Pentecost (A.C.O.P),
6.         Malawi
  • Navigators Micro Enterprise Trust,
7.         Ivory Coast
  • Fonds Pour Les Micro-Projets (FMP)
8.         Burkina Faso
  • Ecole Pour Micro-projets d’Entreprise(EMPE)
9.         Cameroon
  • Navigators Micro Enterprise Project in Cameroon
10.      Congo Brazzaville
  • Centre de Formation à l’Initiative Privée (CFIP)
11.      Nigeria
  • Lifeline Micro Enterprise Project (LMEP)